Let’s be honest, technology isn’t cheap. A power cut that fries your two-week-old computer is a nightmare. When we buy computers, gaming consoles, servers, surveillance systems, and network equipment, we spend as much as we can afford to get the best possible. We’re willing to spend more for something that will last but overlook a critical element.

Power surges, brownouts, power cuts etc. can severely damage your computer equipment. When buying new equipment, it is recommended to expand your budget, if possible, to add in a UPS.

A ‘UPS’ is an abbreviation of ‘Uninterruptable Power Supply.’ A UPS could save your bacon once or a hundred times in it’s lifetime.

What does a UPS do? When a power cut takes place, a UPS’s built-in battery will kick in within milliseconds and keep any connected machinery turned on. How long it stays on for depends how much money you spend. However, the aim is not to run your systems on it until the power is up and running again, but to allow you the time needed to safely shut down a system, protecting against damage and sometimes data loss.

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