“My Computers running slow!”

One of the common and frustrating issues into todays world, is the slow running computer. Here’s how we fix it.


We hear it daily:

“My PC is running slow, is there anything you can do?”

The answer is more often than not:

“Yes we can.”

Click on the link to see the difference we can make after hearing this question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X0-XQryZ78

Even nowadays, laptops and PC’s are fitted with an old-style ‘HDD’ or ‘Hard Disk Drive.’ This is mechanical device used to store your non-volatile data. It works using spinning magnetic disks that are called platters. As these disks spin, at 5400rpm on a standard hard drive, an arm moves across the disk to find where the data you have requested is. After some time, as the space fills up and the drive starts to age, it slows down. The disks don’t spin as fast, the mechanical components wear, and what was once an ok running machine starts to take up more of your life as you wait for your files to load.

Bring in the SSD.

In comparison, an ‘SSD’ or ‘Solid State Drive,’ can make your computer feel young again. There are no mechanical parts, which means no noise, less heat, less chance of failure, and faster machine! Much like a USB flash drive, SSD’s store data digitally. The speed can increase 10x or more with newer technology.

The link included in this post will show you just how effective upgrading to an SSD can be. It’s just like adding a newer, faster engine to your car.

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