Cybersecurity isn’t all anti-malware software and firewalls. It is also about physical security.

One of my favourite stories comes from an IT instructor, known worldwide for his training courses on IT certifications. A friend of his explained that he had obtained a new server and that it was configured so well, it was unhackable. His friend then proceeded to bet him that he would be unable to gain access into the server.

After a few failed attempts at trying to hack into the server and gain access remotely, he dressed up in a janitor’s uniform, walked into the building where the server was located, unplugged it and took it home.

A strong password may only be as strong as the locks on your door. Security locks, CCTV, staff awareness and physical security, in general, are just as important as the protection on your computer in cybersecurity.

If your physical security needs an update we can point you in the right direction.